Corporate Overview

Nationwide Appraisal Services is Canada's premier appraisal management company and most comprehensive source for real estate valuations.Established in 1996 by Tom McCormick, President and CEO, NAS is Canada's first web-based valuation platform. The NAS platform provides a customizable solution that integrates lender specific business rules throughout the valuation process creating a consistent application of lending criteria that simplifies processes for Lenders, Insurers, and Mortgage Professionals.NAS' innovation and experience has pioneered the way the mortgage industry does business today.

The success of NAS is truly defined by the quality and professionalism of Canada's largest network of independent Real Estate Appraisers, our industry leading technology and dedicated Customer Service.NAS' commitment to quality and service and dedicated client approach, sets NAS apart as the nation's premier collateral management partner.

The Appraisal Management Solution

NAS offers a complete appraisal management system that provides fast, reliable and cost effective valuation services to the lending industry.Automatically tracking the progress of valuation requests, NAS provides real-time electronic status notification. All communication is time stamped and logged, providing a history of events from request to completion.

Dedicated Risk Management

Lenders that focus on outsourced origination channels are increasingly turning to NAS to satisfy risk management concerns.With a lender's approved appraiser list and specific requirements embedded in the NAS system, NAS' auto-assignment feature insures an impartial report every time. NAS offers customized reporting that includes turnaround times, coverage and pricing and appraisal review based on lender specific requirements.

Our Collateral Product Line

NAS is dedicated to producing collateral solutions that provide clients with practical applications that help ensure the highest level of service. The NAS suite of products, including customized appraisal forms, Viewpoint, Intelligent Valuation and Market Reports, all work together to assist in the facilitation of an end-to-end valuation solution with a focus on innovation and risk management.